517 PIR Realism Unit
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517 PIR Realism Unit

Day Of defeat realism unit
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Loewen [517PIR]
Loewen [517PIR]

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PostSubject: Rec READ THIS   Rec READ THIS Icon_minitimeSun Feb 25, 2007 4:09 am


Respect is a big thing in the 517 PIR and you need to give proper respect to other in order to receive respect. You respect higher ranks the most because they have earned their way to the top thus meaning they deserve more respect.


To show respect to your Officers (Maj, Cpt, 1st Lt, 2nd Lt) you
salute them. To salute them you type *Salute*. You should bind this to a key so instead of typing it you can just press a button.
To bind a key you type:
bind (key) “say *Salute*” Just type this in console

Proper behavior for BCT, Meetings, Drills, and Scrims

This is what to do when you join a server during these times:

You are to get an M1 Garand and get on the wall in rank order
(The wall will be picked by the highest ranking officer in the server).

You should also type stopsound in console to make it easier to hear and understand whoever is running the event.

Drills are important because they teach obedience and respect. The two key elements in the 517 PIR. So pay attention and do what the officers tell you to do. They have a reason for telling you so do not question their commands


Realism takes more time than a clan does. However, it can go a lot quicker if everyone is patient and does what they are told. So remember to be patient and respectful and everything will go quicker and smoother for everyone
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