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 Rules on Realism and Scrims

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Loewen [517PIR]
Loewen [517PIR]

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Rules on Realism and Scrims Empty
PostSubject: Rules on Realism and Scrims   Rules on Realism and Scrims Icon_minitimeSun Feb 25, 2007 4:11 am

Line up on the wall with M1 Garand out and listening attentively
-Teams will be chosen, one player at a time
-Certain weapon restrictions will be made by the highest rank in the server
- The attacking team must wait till the “LIVE”
signal is displayed by the defenders
- Once shot and killed during a live session,
either from a team kill or an opposing player.
The killed player must immediately join spectator
- Glitches and exploits are not allowed
- Hacking, as always is prohibited
- The defending team must remain on there side of the
map until they have killed all but one of the
opposing players then they are allowed, but not required to rush
- Defense cannot boost on top of buildings or places
that can not be reached by a single player alone.
Though can boost if it is for the reason of getting
to a position that’s possible to reach easier than
the individual trying to reach it him/herself
- The attacking team may boost
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Rules on Realism and Scrims
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