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 517 PIR Handbook

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J. Smith
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PostSubject: 517 PIR Handbook   517 PIR Handbook Icon_minitimeSun Mar 18, 2007 10:06 pm

Upon the entrance of an officer (2Lt. 1Lt. Cpt. Maj. Lt. Col. Col. or Gen. ) you must salute them regardless of YOUR rank. When speaking to an officer, be sure to be respectful to them ALWAYS.

-Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO)
You do NOT salute NCO's (Cpl., Sgt., SSgt. TSgt., FSgt. or MSgt.). You address them with respect! Your NCO's will be the ones leading you into the battlefield and keeping you alive. They are counting on you and you are counting on them to keep each other alive.

Receiving a demerit
A demerit is a mark against you. You get demerits for various things such as. If you receive THREE demerits within a ONE month period, you are liable for a discharge. The severity of the demerits will determine whether or not is an honorable discharge, general discharge, or dishonorable discharge. A record of demerits will be held by Maj. Hannah or Cpt. Loewen

NCO's and officers are the only ones authorized to issue demerits. If you are a Pvt. or a PFC then you may not issue demerits. Be sure to have proof such as a screenshot or witnesses (You may remain anonymous if you wish).

If you cannot attend a drill that is not a problem, but you need to inform us as soon as possible by posting an absence in the Adjutant Office. If you miss a drill and didn’t get a chance to post and absence forum, you have 48hrs to do so, before a demerit is issued.

Follow the Weapon Restrictions. You are only to use the weapons that are provided for your rank. Unless you are assigned to a specific weapon, or an officer gives you permission to use another weapon for the time being.

Weapon Restrictions are the following,
Rec. = First Weapon On Each List
Pvt. = First Weapon On Each List
PFC = First TWO Weapons on Each List
T/5 = First Three on both Allies and Axis
Cpl. = First FOUR on ALLIES and THREE on AXIS (You Get SMG's)
T/4 = All Weapons
Sgt. = All Weapons
T/3 = All Weapons
TSgt. = All Weapons
SSgt. = All Weapons
MSgt. = All Weapons
FSgt. = All Weapons
2Lt. = All Weapons
1Lt. = All Weapons
Cpt. = All Weapons
Maj. = All Weapons
Lt. Col. = All Weapons
Col. = All Weapons
Gen. = All Weapons
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517 PIR Handbook
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